Hi, my name is Emma and I've been working in the Cheer industry for 15 years. After many years of presenting coaching and judges courses around Australia, I saw a need for coaches to have the opportunity to be able to up level their knowledge and skills at a time and place that would work within their own schedule and in a way where they felt comfortable and unintimidated.


So Cheer Boss was born.


As a Coach, this is a place where you can come to learn new coaching techniques and prepare yourself to take on new challenges as a coach.


If you are a Gym Owner, you can find the tools to help you step out of the day to day and instead take on the role of CEO and truly reap both the financial and lifestyle rewards of owning your own business.


I can't wait to help you achieve your dreams and see you dominate both on and off  the mat.


Are you wanting to take the leap into Cheer coaching?


Have you been coaching for a while and are wanting to teach new skills to your athletes, but don't really know the right way how?


Are you ready to go to the next level with your qualifications but are afraid you don't have all the answers?


Check out the Cheer Boss Coaches Training to educate, empower and inspire you to success. My courses range from the beginner coach starting out for the first time, right up to high level coaches. Start at the beginning and set yourself up with a solid coaching foundation. Then work your way through each level to ensure you understand the correct and safe progressions for your athletes to move through the levels system.

My courses are about more than the skills, you will learn how to implement the skills and drills into your program using real life scenarios including how to teach skills with little to no equipment. You'll learn the importance of teaching specific techniques at various stages to ensure you set your athletes up for success.





Do you feel overwhelmed about running your gym?

Do you feel unorganised and like you're always chasing your tail?

Do you feel like a slave to your gym, like it runs you rather than you running it?

The Cheer Boss Elite Gym Owners Mastery course will give you the tools and guidance to ensure you set things up right from the beginning, implement the key systems to ensure your business runs like a finely oiled machine to allow you to work in your areas of genius so you can keep the love alive for your business while reaping the financial and lifestyle rewards that business ownership should.





Do your athletes need a new voice to inspire them?

Could your coaches benefit from face to face professional development?

Do you want to relieve the pressure of choreographing your routines alone?

The Cheer Boss in-house services allows me to come to you. I can coach your athletes, train your coaches, choreograph routines and more. I believe that by helping others our industry will continue to grow and thrive. Together we are stronger and I want to help you be the best you can be.







emma slater

Cheer Mentor

3 Ball Street

Woonona, NSW 2517


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